Cheryl Da Silva
Office Manager

Cheryl was born and raised in the San Francisco bay area and still fondly relates to the days when the area was much slower paced and rural. The development of the bay area has afforded Cheryl the opportunity to forge a career (spanning 40 years) in the medical, industrial and environmental industries both locally and internationally. For a period of five years, Cheryl started and worked in her own enterprise as an importer of industrial goods which mandated that she travel into various regions of Asia to meet with suppliers. Cheryl currently serves as Conflo’s Office Manager and focuses on the Human Resource and Accounting functions. Cheryl is an avid scuba diver and camper and shares in Conflo’s passion to remediate hazardous materials and to help preserve the local environment. Cheryl is an ultra-devoted fan of the Warriors, A’s and Cowboys.

Conflo Services, Inc.

We are fully insured and bonded according to the California State Contractors Board requirements:

  • California CSLB # 965030
  • Classifications: A, B, Haz, C21, C22
  • DOSH Registration for Asbestos Removal # 1034

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