We provide safe site remediation solutions for commercial and industrial facilities, hospitals, malls, hotels, office buildings and multi-unit residential complexes. In addition to building abatement and demolition we can also compliment your project with total site cleanup. We provide a total array of remediation/site-remediaiton services from surface cleanups to sub terranian/underground/above and below contamination cleanups.

Ideal for:


Contaminated Soil Removal
Hydrocarbons, Chemicals, Lead & Asbestos


Under & Above Ground Tank Removal
UST’s, Vaults, Hydrolic Lifts, Etc.


Work Area Isolation, HEPA Vacuuming, Power Washing, Chemical Lab Packing. (Paint, Chemical, Pesticide & Hydrocarbon Chemical Spills Cleanup)




We hold over 85 years of combined experience and consist of a team of Project Managers, Project Administrators, Field Supervisors and certified workers who get the job done.

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We pride ourselves of the ability to offer a comprehensive solution of services in addition to our primary goal. To that end we can serve as your experts from start to finish.

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We've successfully completed thousands of commercial, non-inhabited/single residential, and industrial projects ranging in value from $1,000 to $2,000,000.

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Conflo Services, Inc. is ready for any size job. We specialize in commercial abatement, restoration, demolition, site remediation and general engineering, providing complete turnkey operation through the entire San Francisco Bay Area. 

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Licenses & Registrations:

  • California CSLB #965030
  • Classifications: A, B, Haz, ASB, C21, C22
  • DOSH Reg. for Asbestos Removal #1034

We are fully insured and bonded according to the California State Contractors Board requirements.



Conflo Services, Inc.

We are fully insured and bonded according to the California State Contractors Board requirements:

  • California CSLB # 965030
  • Classifications: A, B, Haz, C21, C22
  • DOSH Registration for Asbestos Removal # 1034

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