Job Title:  Production Foreman

Reports To:  Field Superintendent 


Oversees and manages all aspects (labor, materials, equipment, disposal, etc.) of their assigned project with the intent of producing the highest quality product in the most cost effective way possible.  Ensures that all jobs are compliant with Conflo’s safety expectations and any and all agency requirements.  Enforces the highest level of professionalism while directing  the production team.


  • Be a Professional:
    1. Look, act and perform as a master of your trade 100% of the time.
    2. Know the OSHA and AQMD regulations that govern our industry and comply 100% of the time.
    3. Be prompt 100% of the time. Arrive to your jobsite 30 minutes before the start time (15 minutes before your crew) so as to prepare to direct your crew on the day’s activities, production expectations and safety meeting.  Arrive to any office meetings 15 minutes prior to the start.
    4. Represent Conflo positively to outsiders (including customers, consultants or regulatory agencies).
    5. Ensure that your paperwork (i.e. yellow books, time cards, incident reports, etc.) is complete, accurate and well written and that your paperwork is always submitted on time.
    6. Think constantly about how to improve your crew’s performance, job safety and compliance to the regulations.
  • Be a Manager / Leader of Crews:
    1. Give your crews clear direction and performance expectations then monitor their progress.
    2. Constantly train and motivate the work force.
    3. Lead by example.
    4. Communicate in a calculated and controlled manner / tone.
    5. Update / maintain your job required documentation (i.e. yellow books, time cards, etc.) immediately and accurately and submit them on time every time.
    6. Play a key part of the Conflo Production Foremen TEAM and help improve our processes.
  • Meet Job Expectations:
    1. Meet with Conflo’s Project Manager and Superintendent at the job’s start to fully understand Conflo’s scope of work and all the people associated with the project.
    2. Meet or better the man-day production goals as budgeted by the Project Managers on every job.
    3. Ensure that your jobs are compliant to all agency requirements 100% of the time. Zero citations.           
    4. As Conflo’s on site Safety Officer, host a site specific safety meeting with your crews at the start of each day and document. Maintain a zero lost time accident record on all your jobs.        
  • Enforce Conflo’s Code of Conduct:
    1. Foremen are the only people allowed to have and/or use a cell phone within a Conflo jobsite. Worker’s phones are to be left in vehicles and used only during an employee’s lunch break or excused break.
    2. The playing of music (including with earphones), eating, drinking, smoking or sleeping is not allowed within the immediate work area.


  1. Excessive non-work related talking during working hours is a safety hazard will not be tolerated.
  2. Foul language, gesturing or fighting will not be tolerated on any Conflo site
  3. Field employees must respect and report thru Conflo’s chain of command; Field Workers > Production Foreman > Field Superintendent > Production Manager > HR.   These discussions may or may not be held confidential.  
  4. If for any reason, you are unable to attend your job assignment, you must inform the Field Superintendent within 2 hours of the start time. If you fail to show up for work and fail to forewarn your Superintendent, assignment to another job will be at Conflo’s discretion. 
  5. Field workers will be assigned to jobs on an individual basis and you must be able to get to and from a job and work independently of other co-workers.
  • Rules of Engagement:
    1. An employee’s rate of pay is personal and confidential and divulging such information is prohibited. Anyone involved in such discussions will be terminated immediately.
    2. As a reflection of the general abatement industry, Conflo’s business is seasonal. Even though our estimating department strives to provide continuous work for all Conflo field employees, there will be periods during which you will not be assigned to a job and as an hourly employee, you will not be paid.  It is recognized that during these non-working periods you may solicit and go to work for another contractor.
    3. During those periods in which you are not assigned to a job but you remain available to work with Conflo, it is your responsibility to contact either the Field Superintendent or Production Manager via text message of your availability for work.
    4. Conflo reserves the right to randomly test an employee for drugs and/or alcohol when on a job. Workers found under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs while on Conflo time will be sent home via third party means at their own expense and terminated immediately.
    5. We operate under the ‘Three Strike Rule’ wherein three recorded violations of any of the above stipulated responsibilities / expectations will result in your termination.


  • Language Skills: Must be able to read and understand English.
  • Reasoning Ability: Must be able to solve practical problems.

Teamwork: Must be a team player.

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San Francisco Bay Area




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