Mare Island Gantry Renovation

Vallejo, CA

Job Summary

The scope of work was to abate all asbestos pipes and small structures throughout the gantry. Scaffold and shrink wrap the entire structure to make ready for sandblasting lead based paint. We finished by painting to deliver a freshly renovated steel structure.

Job Challenges

Working with hazardous materials both lead and asbestos. Heights in access of 100′. Large equipment working around a large crew and tight spaces. Keeping up with all paperwork and regulations throughout duration of project including waste manifests, training certificates, OSHA and customer needs.

Job Solutions

Clear and consistent work plan and scheduling that is communicated thoroughly to crews and customer. Keeping trained oversight onsite at all times ensuring all jobsite rules and regulations are being followed to ensure a clean and most importantly safe work site.

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Conflo Services, Inc:

We are fully insured and bonded according to the California State Contractors Board requirements:

  • California CSLB # 965030
  • Classifications: A, B, Haz, C21, C22
  • DOSH Registration for Asbestos Removal # 1034

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