Fire Clean Up

Santa Rosa, CA


Job Summary

The scope of work was to test for hazardous materials and remove all damaged and burned debris leaving site with just clean and clear dirt as to make ready for new rebuild. Two sites cleaned up were a single family home and a winery.

Job Challenges

Navigating rules and regulations to work within an emergency natural disaster area to ensure a complete and expedited process of clean up while adhering to all BAAQMD and EPA regulations.

Job Solutions

Working within network to ensure expertise at every level to complete the projects as quickly and safely as possible.

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Conflo Services, Inc:

We are fully insured and bonded according to the California State Contractors Board requirements:

  • California CSLB # 965030
  • Classifications: A, B, Haz, C21, C22
  • DOSH Registration for Asbestos Removal # 1034

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