We provide some of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the industry. We’re recognized as one of the area’s leading contractors in the abatement industry. We specialize in commercial asbestos services and much more! Our team is registered by DOSH for Asbestos removal, license #1034. Our commitment to being your one-stop shop allows us to also assist you with renovation, demolition, site remediation and containment setup related services.

Ideal for:


Acoustic Ceilings, Boiler & Pipe Insulation, Floor & Ceiling Tiles, Spray-on Fire Proofing, Surface Texturing, Roofing, Transite, Encapsulation & HVAC Ducts.


Paint Removal, Dust Clearing, Paint Chemical Stripping, Encapsulation, Sand Blasting, Ceramic Tile, Soil /Water Remediation, HEPA Vacuum & Paint Chalk Cleaning.


Structural Removal, Biocidal Cleaning, Air Filtering, HEPA Vacuum & Damp Wipe.


Fire, Water, Sewage Damage, Cleanups, Dehumifidying/Drying & Interior Build-Back.




We hold over 85 years of combined experience and consist of a team of Project Managers, Project Administrators, Field Supervisors and certified workers who get the job done.

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We pride ourselves of the ability to offer a comprehensive solution of services in addition to our primary goal. To that end we can serve as your experts from start to finish.

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We’ve successfully completed thousands of commercial, non-inhabited/single residential, and industrial projects ranging in value from $1,000 to $2,000,000.

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Conflo Services, Inc. is ready for any size job. We specialize in commercial abatement, restoration, demolition, site remediation and general engineering, providing complete turnkey operation through the entire San Francisco Bay Area.

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Hayward Office: (510) 732-6695

Licenses & Registrations:

  • California CSLB #965030
  • Classifications: A, B, Haz, ASB, C21, C22
  • DOSH Reg. for Asbestos Removal #1034

We are fully insured and bonded according to the California State Contractors Board requirements.




Conflo Services, Inc:

We are fully insured and bonded according to the California State Contractors Board requirements:

  • California CSLB # 965030
  • Classifications: A, B, Haz, C21, C22
  • DOSH Registration for Asbestos Removal # 1034

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